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Several years ago we surveyed the social media scene and found a lot of highly specialized sites which covered very specific interests. News sites provided news and opinions, but little else. We know most people want news and have a variety of interests, so why not build a network of sites which have something for almost everyone? That’s one big network package, and that’s how 1NetPac found its name. is a new and innovative digital publishing network that redefines the rich media experience. Through a network of websites, we bring you top news stories covering several popular categories. You’ll find links to streaming movies, video game downloads, live sporting events, free classifieds and much more. We provide quick and easy access to specialty sites such as MMA, NASCAR, Zion International, Israelite International, with more special interest sites in the planning stages. Delivering a high quality customer experience is our #1 goal. We use the finest of web technology and content delivery networks to assure you receive the best possible experience.

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Cinema World Pictures is an independent film production company and an industry partner with 1NetPac. Post-production work has been completed on a film trailer for “Not On My Mountain”, an original motion picture based on the novel by Hollywood legend Jared McVay, the “Master Storyteller”. Click the link to see the trailer intro. There’s a lot of planning going on for future additions to our network. Sorry, no sneak peeks for those… at least, not yet. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for visiting us and we hope you enjoy your stay. If you would like additional information about 1NetPac, fill out our simple contact form and we’ll be in touch with you the same or next business day.

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